About the Closure of Morsum Magnificat



I am sorry to announce that, unless someone else can be found to take it over, MORSUM MAGNIFICAT WILL CLOSE WITH ISSUE 89. This means that there are 3 issues to go. I am having considerable difficulty in producing these to the normal deadlines, but they will be delivered.

BACK ISSUES, BOOKS and BINDERS Back issues, specialist books and MM binders (designed to hold 12 issues per binder) will continue to be for sale while stocks last. .

REFUNDS All readers will receive a statement of the issues paid for and the refund due for issues beyond MM89.

Credit card subscribers will receive the refund directly to their credit card account. This  the easiest method. Otherwise cheques will be sent to UK readers. Overseas readers may receive refunds by PAYPAL.  If possible, please help by accepting refunds using these methods –  the bank will charge me 10.00 GBP for each refund by International Bank Draft and I hope that you can help avoiding this charge.

RENEWALS Renewals will continue and charged up to issue 89.

PLEASE CONTINUE TO SEND ARTICLES, PHOTOS AND ITEMS OF INTEREST Please do not stop the flow of articles, letters, pictures etc. I will do my best to include these in the last issues.   I also have a number of articles in preparation  here that would be available for anyone who would like to takes over MM.

Sincere thanks to all authors and contributors for the excellent work that they have freely given in the interests of Morse.

THE MM INDEX Normally an annual index is produced but, in view of the imminent closure,  this will be produced with the final issue.

THE WEB SITE The Web Site will be maintained for the foreseeable future.

A NEW PUBLISHER If any individual or group is interested in taking on the magazine, please contact me.


Zyg Nilski G3OKD