Morsum Magnificat was an international magazine published six times per year, featuring all aspects of Morse telegraphy, past present and future. It ceased publication in March 2004. The common theme on every page was Morse and all other aspects of land-line and wireless telegraphy. It was for:

Users & Learners of Morse Code Collectors & Restorers of Keys etc. History & Recollections Technology

I still receive enquiries about the magazine and the initial reason for starting this web site was to provide access to the original web pages, including the consolidated index for issues 1 to 89 (1986 – 2004) and the links to other telegraphy web sites.

Some back issues are still available. The email address is shown as a graphic image to protect against spammers “grabbing” it from the web page. Type the address into the address line of your mailer.

The Contents list on the left will take you to all parts of this site, including information on how to contact me.

OTHER INTERESTS The site continues to be developed and includes pages that unrelated to Morse telegraphy:

G3OKD – Ham Radio Station

Local History of the village and inhabitants of Wistanswick, Shropshire, England My Family History

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